12 Days of Great Golf - 2017 Edition

Are you looking for solutions to PLAY GREAT this year?

Look no further! Here you'll find some of my best training tips and on-course tactics from 2017 to help you start playing like you knew you could this year.

This online program includes 12 short video lessons designed to help you take your game to a new level, with strategies to help you practically apply each lesson.

What's Inside?

  1. Are mental game leaks sinking your rounds? - Interference test
  2. Discover the 5 mental game leaks that may be costing you strokes
  3. Why focusing on your score will prevent you from posting a good one
  4. How to balance the social and serious sides of  golf
  5. How to play with a swing you can trust
  6. 3 ways to move the success dial in your game
  7. Don't allow your small thoughts to hold  you back from playing great
  8. Why you're hitting the poor shots you're trying so hard to avoid
  9. How you can use your imagination to play great - Mental imagery test 
  10. How to commit to play smart golf
  11. The importance of playing in your bubble
  12. How to bring your "A" game every day
Dr. Shannon Reece
Dr. Shannon Reece
Sports Psychologist

About the instructor

Sports Psychologist and founder of Training for Optimal Performance, Dr. Shannon Reece teaches golfers how to play great using her proven mental formula. Her tactics have helped thousands of golfers, of all levels, experience dramatic improvement by leveraging their assets into championship form.


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